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“I Refuse To Reside In Fear Of Gun Violence”

I’m currently signed up to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon on November 12. The race directors just recently announced it will be held as prepared, changing only the pre-race concert and begin line from the Path 91 place to a brand-new place yet to be announced. Regrettably, we understand all too well what atrocities happened at the old location.Ever given that the astounding

heading came throughout my feed in the wee hours of October 1, I have actually been on a psychological roller coaster. What this event suggests to me in the aftermath of the most lethal shooting in U.S. history is difficult to put into words. I can barely fathom racing down the streets of “sin city”as the happy, carefree runner I was when I ran the race in 2015. Whatever has changed– but my desire to take a trip 3,000 miles to Las Vegas and race has stayed the same.I reside in Connecticut and am no stranger to weapon violence and public, horrific

tragedy. The Sandy Hook primary school shooting occurred just an hour away from my home town. When that happened, I had 3-year-old twin boys and felt defenseless. In fact, as the mass shootings piled up all over the country, I felt primarily helpless to do anything about them– until Las Vegas.At least with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas race I have an option: I can remain house, or I can go and race. I have to state with one hundred percent sincerity that staying at home never crossed my mind

, not even if the event had been cancelled. I live with a generalized stress and anxiety disorder and have an amazing worry of flying, however I have never ever let that worry stop me from getting on an aircraft. Some of the bad guests who have the

misfortune of sitting beside me on a flight might have hoped otherwise, but I decline to let my stress and anxiety control my life or terrify me to the point of being immobile. In fact, I’m more(irrationally) afraid of the flight to Las Vegas than what may take place while I’m diminishing the strip in the evening, racing towards another 13.1 finish, in among the finest places on earth to have a celebratory celebration afterward. I live in fear every single day since of my anxiety. I decline to reside in fear of gun violence.I see the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas race as a chance to honor the victims of the nation music celebration shooting. Runners can make an effective stance by gathering in courage to show the nation we are not afraid and will not be influenced by the evil

of one, when there is the great and love of so many.You may say,”It’s simply a race,”but when countless runners require to the strip and thunder down Las Vegas Boulevard, hearts pounding and heads filled with visions of what took place there, we will be a moving tribute to #LasVegasStrong.