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Now that Judge Kavanaugh has actually been verified, It appears that Christine Ford’s attorneys are confessing she never had any fear of flying.

As Ford’s attorneys discover themselves in hot water, due to a discovery that they did not advise their client that Senate investigators wanted to come to her to take her testimony, they’re spinning the story to avoid retribution from the Senate and American Bar Association.Now, the attorneys are sayingthat Ford’s so-called “fear of flying”was not the factor she wished to delay the hearing, despite the fact that it was extensively reported in the news, and likewise talked about throughout the real hearing with Dr. Ford under oath.In their statement regarding” lies “being spread out about Christine Blasey Ford‘s testimony, her lawyers said they never ever informed the Senate Judiciary Committee that she could not travel to Washington, D.C. due to a fear of flying.Ford was asked to offer testament to the committee about her claims versus Supreme Court candidate

Brett Kavanaugh, whom she declared sexually assaulted her 36 years back. Prior to her attending the general public hearing on September 27, it was revealed that Ford had a fear of flying and it was suggested that she would need to drive to the hearing because of it.On September 21, Politico published a short article about Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA)providing Ford and her lawyers more time to decide when, where,

and how to affirm for the committee. Buried in the article was the following:”The GOP has been told that Ford does not wish to fly from her California house to Washington, according to the Republican senator, which suggests she may need to drive across the nation. Ford has reportedly told good friends she is uncomfortable in confined spaces, indicating a physical trouble in making the trip by plane.”Politico reporter Citizen Everett tweeted the following when promoting the article: Dr. Ford has actually suggested to Republicans she does not wish to fly, in part exposing why she does not desire the hearing to be on Monday!.?.!On September 23, CNN talked to good friends of Ford who claimed she had a worry of enclosed areas that didn’t have multiple exits

, such as an aircraft. These friends were permitted to claim, without evidence, that this was due to Ford’s alleged encounter with Kavanaugh 36 years earlier.Kate DeVarney, one of Kavanaugh’s buddies, informed the outlet that Ford”truly has a difficult time remaining in a location where there’s no escape path.”She included that Ford did not like to fly because a plane was”the ultimate closed area where you can not get away. “On September 27, Ford was inquired about her fear of flying by sex criminal offenses prosecutor Rachel Mitchell. Ford stated she concerned Washington, D.C. to affirm by taking an aircraft. The followed exchange took place: MITCHELL: OK. It’s– I ask that, due to the fact that it’s been reported by the press that you would not send to an interview with the committee due to the fact that of your worry of flying. Is– is that true?FORD: Well, I was willing– I was hoping that they would pertain to me, but then I understood that was an unrealisticrequest.MITCHELL: It would’ve been a quicker journey for me.FORD: Yes. So that was certainly what I was hoping, was to avoid needing to get on an airplane, however I became able to get up the gumption with the aid of some pals, and get on the plane.Mitchell then asked a series ofquestions developing that Ford flew quite often for work and getaway, including to the mid-Atlantic location, Hawaii, Costa Rica, South Pacific islands, and French Polynesia. Ford stated she had actually flown to all

those places, however insisted it was “Easier for me to travel going that instructions when it’s a trip

.”Hmmm, I don’t learn about you but that sounds quite

suspicious to me.